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There are currently hundreds of EB-5 regional center offerings in the market and every one of them has some level of risk. In fact, its a part of the legal statute that all EB-5 investments must be 'at-risk' during the immigrant investor's conditional residency period.

But there is no reason to take on any more risk than you have to. Be informed about the risks in the EB-5 investments you're considering.

Reports uncover the risks and explain the safeguards that protect investors.

An EB-5 investment is a substantial amount of money. The minimum investment is currently $500,000, plus a additional administration fee of roughly $50,000. This is a lot of money to protect!


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1_report_and_2_pages.pngIndustry experts talk about the importance of due diligence.

“The due diligence reports of EB-5 projects written by EB5 Diligence are outstanding, in-depth and extremely complete. The staff at EB5 Diligence provides personalized service and follow through to investors and their attorneys, allowing them to make an informed decision.”

Mark Ivener
Ivener & Fullmer


“I contacted the team at EB5 Diligence when we were under a time deadline to file an EB-5 petition. They spent the time to review various investment options, one of which was eventually selected by our client. This process allowed me and my co-counsel to focus on the legal issues relating to the EB-5 process, while EB5 Diligence was advising the client on project selection. I have no hesitation in recommending them to others.”

David Gardner

American Immigration Law