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To attract investors in today's competitive EB-5 environment, it helps to offer investors and agents an independent and transparent due diligence report.

Reports make it easier to evaluate your offering, highlight the deal structure and safeguards put in place to protect investor's interests, and accelerate the decision making process.

Q: Can Investors Perform Their Own Due Diligence?

Gain another viewpoint of your offering documents

A lot goes into the EB-5 offering documents and changes can often occur right up to the time you're ready to go to market. Having our EB-5 experts review your offering will help you identify any errors and/or inconsistencies, enabling you to make changes and avoid a potential RFE.

By engaging EB5 Diligence early in the process, a Summary Report of your offering can be developed for submission to USCIS with your exemplar application. This Summary Report will simplify the adjudicator's job by organizing the various aspects of the deal, thereby potentially accelerating the exemplar approval process.   


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