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What We Do

The purpose of our work is to help ensure that your investment results in Green Cards for your family, and the full return of your capital. That’s why we take pride in giving investors all the information they need — in a clearly presented format — to make an intelligent investment into an EB5 project. EB-5 investments are complicated because they must meet the EB5 program requirements, while also providing a sound business investment.


Before you file your i526 petition, ensure the EB-5 project has been thoroughly reviewed by third-party experts. That’s why our due diligence process includes the review of relevant documents, discussions with management, performing background checks on key persons, conducting site visits and much more. And because due diligence applies only to a moment in time, we update our reports regularly. We also score (0-10) each investment for both likelihoods of Immigration Success and Financial success. Investment scores are also regularly updated. Talk to us today about how you can choose the right investment

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Immigrant Investors

Overwhelmed by EB-5 project choices?
There are hundreds of
EB5 investment projects in the market today — and every one of them has risk. An investor should understand both the immigration and financial risks associated with each investment. We help you make an informed decision so you can protect yourself and ultimately realize your immigration dream.
Worried about the right investment before the amounts rise?

Perhaps you read the news published on July 24, 2019, that EB-5 amounts are rising on November 21, 2019. If you’re eager to choose an EB-5 project before then, perhaps you feel overwhelmed by options. Maybe you’re not sure how to properly evaluate project documents. Trust our impartial industry-leading due diligence to invest quickly — and wisely.

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Issuers / Regional Centers

With literally hundreds of EB5 regional center investments to choose from – investors are seeking transparency in order to determine how to invest at least half a million U.S. dollars. A trusted third-party analysis of your project can help attract diligent EB5 investors.


Get a free consultation to determine the marketability of your EB5 project

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Webinars and Articles

Whether you’re an investor or stakeholder, knowledge is power in this complicated and ever-evolving investment visa program. That’s why EB5 Diligence seeks out the experience and expertise of many of the industry’s most respected EB5 experts to share their thoughts on a variety of notable topics in our webinars and articles.

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EB-5 Process

First, an investor chooses an appropriate investment that is “at risk” and creates 10 full-time U.S. jobs. The investor must invest $900,000 in a Target Employment Area (TEA) or $1,800,000 otherwise, and file an I-526 petition. This is a critical decision requiring careful due diligence as there are hundreds of options on the market. Real estate projects often have advantages with job creation. Look for project progress, either an exemplar or single I-526 approval, and an exit strategy that matches your I-829 filing date. Lastly, investors should realize that higher rates of investment return usually mean higher risk


Next in the EB5 process, the I-526 petition is adjudicated. If their application is approved, an investor living in the U.S. then files a Form I-485 to adjust their status; if the investor is living in another country, they would file a DS-260 to receive conditional permanent residency. This status lasts for two years. Lastly in the EB-5 visa process, three months prior to the expiry of the two-year conditional permanent residency, an investor files an I-829 petition to remove conditions. Once this application is approved, the investor is a permanent resident of the U.S.and can, along with his or her spouse and unmarried children under 21, live in the U.S. permanently.