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With over a decade of experience, our team has reviewed and analyzed more than 200 EB-5 offerings, helping investors make informed decisions about their investments.

Our proven process involves a rigorous assessment of the strengths and risks of each offering, as well as a thorough review of all relevant documentation to verify the claims made by the companies in the offering package. We understand that the EB-5 program can be complex, which is why we provide clear and concise reports that enable our clients to make informed investment decisions.

At EB5 Diligence, we are committed to ensuring that our clients have the information they need to invest with confidence. Contact us today to learn more about our services and how we can help you navigate the EB-5 program.


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Testimonials from top EB-5 lawyers & more.

“What impressed me most about EB5 Diligence was their report hit all the essential bases with clearly defined investigative parameters. All findings, whether positive or negative, are presented in a professional and easy-to-understand manner. EB5 Diligence has set a sound standard for the regional center industry to follow." 

David Andersson | Former president of IIUSA, the national EB-5 not-for-profit association

“EB5 Diligence has been able to comprehensively, intelligently and visually integrate all the components most needed for investors to make an informed decision on a EB-5 qualified project. Their ability to create a workable readable platform is second to none." 

Larry Behar | Managing Partner, Behar Law, Fort Lauderdale, Florida

“EB5 Diligence can help investors navigate the complex EB-5 program. They understand the proper relationships between immigration and securities law and economic job creation models to properly advise their clients.” 

Steve Yale-Loehr | Immigration Attorney, Professor of Immigration Studies at Cornell University Law School

“Our work with EB5 Diligence has been great. They asked all the right questions and knew exactly what they were looking for. The turn-around time on the report was quick, and we were given the opportunity to provide more documentation on certain aspects. The report was very fair and balanced.” 

Brian Ostar | President, EB5 Capital, regional center

“Professional, insightful and helpful. It was an absolute pleasure to deal with Rupy at EB5 Diligence. The due diligence report was thorough and allowed me to make a well-informed decision regarding a potential EB-5 project that I was considering. I would recommend the services of EB5 Diligence to any potential, discerning EB5 investor who is willing to part with their investment capital prior to doing so. Thank you, Rupy!” 

Mitan Nana | EB-5 investor, South Africa

I contacted the team at EB5 Diligence when we were under a time deadline to file an EB-5 petition. They spent the time to review various investment options one of which was eventually selected by our client. This process allowed me and my co-counsel to focus on the legal issues relating to the EB-5 process while EB5 Diligence was advising the client on project selection. I  have no hesitation in recommending them to others.” 

David B. Gardner | Certified Specialist, Immigration and Nationality Law

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