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Direct Investment or Regional Center Investment

Direct EB-5 Investment or EB-5 Regional Center Investment

Should the Borrower of EB-5 Funds Review the PPM?

The borrower of EB-5 funds provides information for the true

Crowdfunding EB-5 Offerings

Crowdfunding has opened new opportunities to solicit and true


Related Party Disclosures in the PPM

Related party transactions are probably the central focus true

What Goes Into an EB-5 Business Plan?

An overview of the rules that govern EB-5 business plans true


What is an New Commercial Enterprise (NCE)?

NCE or New Commercial Enterprise holds the key to satisfy true

If Broker Dealers Can't Raise Money For Most EB-5 Deals, Do You Need Them?

What about the argument that broker dealers don't currently true


Loan Administration Checklist

The Manager of the NCE (EB-5 investors) should consider the true

Administration of the NCE's loan to the JCE

In an EB-5 transaction, the manager of the NCE has a true