As the leading due diligence firm in the EB-5 industry, EB5 Diligence conducts independent analysis of offerings that help immigrant investors make more informed investment decisions and help regional centers to monitor and certify that the projects they sponsor are compliant with all USCIS rules.

EB5 Diligence is retained by investors, investment advisors, migration agents and regional centers, to verify the claims made in the offering and provide transparency to all stakeholders.

Due Diligence reports outline both the financial and immigration risks investors face by identifying the backgrounds of the principals, the financial viability of the project, the reasonableness of the job creation estimates and the investor’s exit strategy.

In addition to transparency, EB5 Diligence has a commitment to educating EB-5 stakeholders in the myriad of EB-5 issues.  EB5 Diligence Webinar series and Articles offer insights from top EB-5 experts across various industry fields, current topics and emerging best practices.

Founders of the firm


Rupy Cheema



 Kurt Reuss


Rupy Cheema and Kurt Reuss co-founded EB5 Diligence in 2012. 

As the president of EB5 Diligence, Ms Cheema oversees a team of analysts. Ms. Cheema is a member of IIUSA and sits on its Best Practices Committee. Ms. Cheema is recognized as the industry’s leading authority on EB-5 due diligence, having extensively reviewed the offering documents of both the largest, most prestigious EB-5 investments in the market as well as many smaller EB-5 offerings. Prior to starting EB5 Diligence, Ms. Cheema spent 13-years as the CFO of the Internet marketing firm and prior to that performed business audits for the Canada Revenue Agency. 

Mr. Reuss is currently a registered broker dealer representative with SDDco Brokerage Advisors, LLC (Member FINRA/SIPC), a broker dealer firm and works with immigrant investors to help them select suitable EB-5 investments. Mr. Reuss is also a member of IIUSA’s Compliance Committee and it’s former Chair. Mr. Reuss founded the EB5 Securities Roundtable, a group of securities attorneys that work to normalize EB-5 securities practices and acts as the moderator of group. Mr. Reuss began his career by getting his Series 7 as an equity options trader on the American Stock Exchange and later founded Internet startup

What clients have to say

“What impressed me most about EB5 Diligence was their report hit all the essential bases with clearly defined investigative parameters. Site visits, interviews with managers, background checks, financial analysis illustrated by graphs and charts make the EB5 Diligence report an excellent tool for a prospective investor. All findings, whether positive or negative are presented in a professional and easy to understand manner. EB5 Diligence has set a sound standard for the regional center industry to follow.”



“EB5 Diligence has been able to comprehensively, intelligently and visually integrate all the components most needed for investors to make an informed decision on a EB5 qualified project. Their ability to create a workable, readable platform is second to none.” 



“Our work with EB5 Diligence has been great. They asked all the right questions and knew exactly what they were looking for. The turn-around time on the report was quick, and we were given the opportunity to provide more documentation on certain aspects. The report was very fair and balanced.”



"Working with EB5 Diligence has been an enjoyable and worthwhile experience. A common concern with EB-5 cases is ensuring clients have sufficient information about regional center projects to make informed investment decisions. As an immigration attorney, my clients have received top notch service and attention throughout the EB-5 selection process which has added value to my practice. I know that my clients are in good hands having witnessed firsthand their knowledge and professionalism.”



“I contacted the team at EB5 Diligence when we were under a time deadline to file an EB-5 petition. They spent the time to review various investment options one of which was eventually selected by our client. This process allowed me and my co-counsel to focus on the legal issues relating to the EB-5 process while EB5 Diligence was advising the client on project selection. I found Kurt and his team to be highly professional and responsive to our needs and have no hesitation in recommending them to others.” 



“EB5 Diligence can help investors navigate the complex EB-5 program. They understand the proper relationships between immigration and securities law and economic job creation models to properly advise their clients.”