Aloft Hotel

Aloft Hotel located in Richardson, TX

Project Highlights

Project Overview

The Project involves the construction of a 148-room Aloft Hotel within the 186-acre CityLine Project, a master-planned mixed-use office/residential/retail lifestyle development ("CityLine").


NCE Structure  Limited Liability Company
Type of Investment in JCE  Loan
Type of Offering  Reg D and Reg S
Approval of I-526 Exemplar  No
Total Project Cost  $21.7 mil
Total EB-5 Capital to be Raised  $3.0 mil
Minimum Raise Requirement  None
Total # of EB-5 Investors  6
# of EB-5 Investors Subscribed to Date  None
Investment Amount per EB-5 Investor  $500,000
Administrative Fee  $55,000
TEA Designation  Yes
Regional Center Approval  Yes
# of Jobs Required for All Investors  60
# of Jobs Estimated  240
Job Cushion  180 or 300%
Use of Escrow  Yes
Use of Broker Dealer  Yes
Use of 3rd-Party Fund Administrator  No
Independence Btw General Partner and JCE  Yes
# of EB-5 Offerings Completed or In Progress by Management  1 in progress
# of I-526 / I-829 Approvals to Date by Regional Center  0 / 0
# of I-526 / I-829 Denials to Date by Regional Center  0 / 0
Return on Investment to EB-5 Investor  Up to 1.0% per year
Estimated Duration to Exit  Min 5 years