Brightlights Broadcast Technologies Project

Brightlights Broadcast Technologies Project, located in Fresno, CA

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Project Overview

Brightlights Broadcast Technologies Project EB-5

The Project involves the development of five integrated components in two phases. Phase 1 of the Project includes Brightlights Media/Entertainment, Brightlights HealthStream, Brightlights Robotics. 

Phase 2 of the project includes the Brightlights Information Streaming and Entertainment Complex which will be constructed as both a production facility for Robotic Streaming Information Exchange (ROSIE) and a virtual studio and the Brightlights Media Park Hotel Living ("MPH") which will be an upscale resident facility with state-of-the art connectivity, including a working studio within it.

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Brightlights Broadcast Technologies Project EB-5 investors

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Brightlights Broadcast Technologies Total Project Cost  $92.1 mil
EB-5 Funding Goal  $35.5 mil
State  California
Total # of EB-5 Investors  65
Total # of Jobs Required  650
Total # of Jobs Estimated  1244.5