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Making an EB-5 investment? Discover 7 key considerations

Discover what’s important — and what isn’t anymore — in the new EB-5 landscape. Learn about what sectors to consider, exit strategies, rates of return & more.

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EB 5 projects due diligence checklist

Understanding the EB 5 Visa requirements is the first step of getting the green card by investment. Checkout EB5 Visa checklist for EB 5 immigrant visa.

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How big a Job Cushion do you need? Well, it depends…

EB-5 program requires each EB-5 Investor create ten (10) jobs. EB5 Job cushion refers to the percentage of jobs exceeding the requirement.

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Loan Administration Checklist

The Manager of the NCE (EB-5 investors) should consider the following loan administration checklist.

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Redeployment: The issues and the opportunities

Redeployment is becoming a major aspect of the EB-5 landscape, involving potentially billions of dollars. Our panel discussed the current regulations including ‘at-risk’ requirements and how they should be interpreted; fiduciary considerations and the use of an RIA; use of private investment funds and municipal bonds and more. Join us for this free webinar as our expert panelists address USCIS and SEC aspects in order to help you navigate this problem and opportunity.

Read MoreSep 26, 2017
EB-5 Legislation: Where Are We?

Hear from our distinguished panel about what the new legislation might look like, when it’s likely to take affect and what the transition period might look like. And in case we do see draft legislation before the webinar, our panel will focus on the implications and implementation of the legislation.

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An Intimate Luncheon with SEC Staffers about EB-5

Intimate luncheon with SEC Staffers about EB-5.

Read MoreJul 14, 2017
House Hearing on Investor Visa Reforms (3/8/17)

On March 8, 2017, the Judiciary Committee of the US House of Representatives held hearings on DHS reforming the Investor Visa program.

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Takeaways from USCIS Stakeholder Meeting - March 3rd, 2017

USCIS held a stakeholder meeting today (03/03/2017) in Washington, DC on EB-5 process. As per to USCIS personnel, over 900 people registered for the meet.

Read MoreMar 04, 2017