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Feb 17, 2017
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Moderated By
Kurt Reuss
Kurt Reuss
Kurt Reuss is a registered securities broker who has been specializing in EB-5 since 2012. He offers advice on investment structuring and market conditions related to EB-5 investments.

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What are the Implications of Changes to the Minimum EB-5 Investment Amount?


Moderated by: KURT REUSS

Changes to the minimum investment amount have various implications for investors and EB-5 stakeholders. In this webinar we'll explore how changes will likely affect:

  • How offerings might be amended to reflect the new minimum amounts.

  • The ability to meet job creation requirements and thus the EB-5 portion of the capital stack.

  • Implications of a retroactive increase.

  • Implications to Chinese investors with currency transfer limits and a depreciating Yuan.

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